Join Us in Detroit!

AAAEC Conference

Are you an alumni still working in a school setting? First off, thank you for doing one of the hardest jobs out there.  Second, we are excited to celebrate you at the first-ever Teach For America Alumni Awards and Educators Conference on July 18th in Detroit.

We’re so excited, in fact, that we would like to cover your transportation costs! We will reimburse you for a joint car rental and gas money to travel from Charlotte to Detroit, and the national team is offering reimbursements for hotel costs. Email by June 28th if you’re interested in using these transportation provisions.


5.   Show TFA that Charlotte is serious about learning and growing to get it right for our students.  Check out sessions here.

4.   Riding 627 miles  other awesome Charlotte leaders will be a blast – a chance to build new relationships and learn some new songs, perhaps…

3.  Learn from the Detroit story – how their community is lifting students in that city!

2.  A chance to become TFAmous – (think photo of you/Wendy on FB!)

1.  Rob Leichner, our very own Charlotte alum, is being recognized for his EXCELLENT TEACHING – WE MUST SUPPORT HIM IN FORCE!

We hope you’ll consider attending — thanks for all your hard work for the students of Charlotte!


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